Advanced Dental Technology – Jackson, MS

Top-Tier Results with Modern Dental Technology

Row of dental instruments with x ray of teeth on screen in background

Our dentists at Lakeland Dental Care are artists in their own rights, and just like the world’s best painters and sculptors, they invest in the most advanced instruments to ensure they achieve ideal results. When you visit our practice, you’ll be able to benefit from a digital, streamlined experience that makes each of your treatments and visits more comfortable and convenient. Learn more about the leading-edge dental technology in our Jackson dental office below.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Dental cone beam C T scanning device

Our cone beam CT scanner is an amazing instrument that allows Drs. Malley and Abernathy to view a detailed image of your entire facial structure, including the jawbone, sinuses, and facial nerves. After the device takes a short scan of your head, it creates a detailed 3D blueprint of your anatomy, allowing our dentists to create incredibly thorough treatment plans. This device especially comes in handy for patients undergoing root canal treatment or having dental implants placed.

Digital Dental Impressions with CEREC

Dentist crafting a CEREC same day dental crown

Our CEREC system is comprised of an in-house milling machine as well as an advanced digital dental impression device. Using a small, wand-shaped instrument, our team is able to ditch the gag-inducing putty and create an even more detailed impression of your teeth. We can then transfer it to our in-house milling machine or dental laboratory (depending on what service you’re receiving), to craft a perfectly-fitted restoration, mouthguard, or prosthetic.

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding a small dental laser device

Soft tissue lasers are the new frontier of dentistry, providing patients with more comfortable, safer, and effective treatments. Our Picasso laser can be used to help control gum disease by killing harmful oral bacteria on-contact and seamlessly removing severely damaged gum tissue without the need for a scalpel and sutures. It also has aesthetic uses, like to balance your smile by removing overgrown gum tissue that hides your healthy pearly whites.