Cosmetic Dentist – Jackson, MS

Creating Better, Brighter Smiles

Young woman smiling after cosmetic dentistry in Jackson

A dazzling smile makes it easier to leave a powerful first impression, and it can make you feel more confident when meeting new people. Is there any aspect of your smile that leaves you feeling reluctant to show it off? Dr. Malley can help you get rid of any imperfections on your teeth thanks to lifelike veneers, reliable teeth whitening, and other smile-transforming treatments. Call Lakeland Dental Care today to schedule a consultation and learn more about cosmetic dentistry in Jackson.

Why Choose Lakeland Dental Care for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Lifelike Crowns Made In-House
  • Comfortable, Reliable Digital Impressions
  • Traditional Orthodontics Offered

Smile Makeovers

Close up of smile with flawless teeth

Some smiles only need a few small improvements while others need a complete makeover. If your smile has so many flaws that you’re not sure where to start, our team can put together a personalized plan for you that combines multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures. We’ll explain how each treatment will take you one step closer to your dream smile, and we’ll go over the entire process with you so that you know what to expect. No matter how many aesthetic dental issues you have, our team can help you create a smile that you can be proud of!


Dentist holding row of veneers in front of smiling patient

Dental veneers are thin, ceramic shells that are attached to the front of the teeth. They stand out from other cosmetic treatments because they can make multiple corrections at once. Does your smile suffer from discoloration, noticeable chips, small gaps, and crooked teeth? With veneers, we can effectively make all of these issues disappear. And because each veneer is customized to look as natural as possible, most people won’t even realize that you’ve had cosmetic work done.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Several dental crowns and veneers on table

Getting a crown used to mean your tooth would be covered by a dark-colored piece of metal that would draw the wrong kind of attention whenever you smiled. Today, though, you can get a metal-free EMAX crown that has been shaded to match the rest of your teeth, making it look completely natural. This way, you can repair and protect your tooth without having to worry about how it will affect your appearance in the long term.

Direct Bonding

Close up of dental patient getting direct bonding on upper tooth

Direct bonding is more of a “quick fix” than other cosmetic dentistry treatments. It’s usually completed in just one appointment, and we usually recommend it if there are only one or two corrections that you want to make. The treatment involves applying a small amount of composite resin to your tooth to cover up small chips, stubborn stains, and other flaws. The material will blend in with the rest of the enamel, allowing you to smile freely without having to worry about your appearance.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Woman using an at home teeth whitening kit

Instead of trying to get rid of coffee stains with unreliable over-the-counter products, you can ask our team for a custom-made teeth whitening kit. It will contain custom trays and a bleaching agent that is much more powerful than anything you might find at the store. By wearing the trays filled with the agent as directed, you can significantly brighten your smile by multiple shades in as little as two weeks – all in the comfort of your own home.