There Are Different Methods for Improving Your Smile’s Appearance

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Here at Lakeland Dental Care, Dr. Alex Abernathy and our staff understand just how important your smile’s appearance is for your self-esteem and social life success. When your teeth are affected by cosmetic imperfections, Dr. Alex Abernathy works quickly to help you find the most successful method to enhance your smile.

A smile afflicted by deep stains and yellow-shaded tooth enamel can typically be improved by having your dentist administer a dental bleaching treatment. You can then maintain your white smile by using whitening toothpaste or whitening strips. It might also be wise to limit your consumption of dark foods and beverages.

For a smile that is affected by multiple cosmetic imperfections, such as chips, stains, mismatched fillings, or general discoloration in tooth enamel, he might recommend dental veneers. These are custom-made shells that are crafted in a state-of-the-art dental lab out of porcelain that will fit over the faces of the teeth in your smile. Once they are installed, they will look exactly like natural tooth enamel.

The porcelain material will not be as receptive to stains as natural tooth enamel. This will help you enjoy an easy-to-maintain, white smile for many years to come.

Should you only need to cosmetically improve the appearance of one or two teeth in your smile, your dentist might recommend a porcelain dental crown restoration.

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