The Different Levels of Sedation Dentistry

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Different procedures and conditions might lead your dentist or oral surgeon to suggest a certain level of sedation. Before any sedation dentistry, be sure to let your dentist know about any medications you are taking.

During Mild sedation, from nitrous oxide you are wake yet still comfortably relaxed. This is a common method for people struggling with dental anxiety issues.

Moderate sedation might put you to sleep but you can still awaken easily to answer questions. Moderate sedation can be administered as a pill or a liquid you swallow. In some cases it might be administered as a slow drip IV.

During deep sedation you are completely unconscious throughout the procedure. This is more common for oral surgery or procedures that take a long time or might make the patient uncomfortable. Deep sedation is usually administered as a slow drip IV.

If your procedure requires deep sedation, you will want to arrange to have someone drive you home and help you out while you get back on your feet.

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