Organizing a Plan for Your Child’s Dental Appointment

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Your child may express anxiety or worry towards their biannual dental appointments. It may be the result of a bad experience they’ve heard, fear towards strangers, or just the general idea of having something new being done to their teeth. There are many ways to help your child get over or lessen some of these anxieties with the help of Lakeland Dental Care’s dental professionals.

Some ways to help prepare your child for their dental appointment include giving them a full understanding of what the dentist does in order to protect their teeth. Do not tell them of any pain they may experience or a previous dental experience gone bad. It’s important to generate positive feelings towards dental care. This also includes establishing good oral habits through flossing once and brushing twice daily.

Read books or watch television shows where their favorite characters attend the dentist office for a checkup. You can play out a pretend checkup at home with a mirror and popsicle sticks, so they can feel a little more comfortable with something in their mouths. This also gets them excited about their real dentist appointment!

Bringing a friend or family member such as a sibling can give them more courage, or taking a toy or blanket can distract and comfort them. Just make sure it’s small enough that it won’t get in the way of the dentist and his assistants.

Lakeland Dental Care here in Jackson, Mississippi, works hard to create a dental experience where your child feels comfortable and safe. To schedule your next appointment for your child, call us at 601-981-8166 where we can provide a fun environment as well as a great smile!