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If you have questions about nitrous oxide, then you have come to the right blog. Here, our dentists, Drs. Alex Abernathy and Lisa Richey, are happy to help you find the answers you need. To do so, they would like to answer some commonly asked questions about nitrous oxide in Jackson, Mississippi. Those questions are:

Q: What is nitrous oxide?
A: Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas or nitrous. It is a chemical compound that is an oxide of nitrogen. It is a non-flammable gas with a slight metallic taste and smell at room temperature. It is provided through a mask that covers the nose. You must inhale the gas for it to enter your system.

Q: How will nitrous oxide make me feel?
A: Nitrous oxide will generally make you feel light headed, tingly and relaxed. It can help wash dental nerves and anxiety away all while keeping you awake during the appointment.

Q: How long will nitrous oxide last?
A: The effects of nitrous oxide will last as long as you inhale the gas. When you pull the mask away from the nose, you will begin to feel normal once again.

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