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You may already know that having bad breath can be annoying and embarrassing. Still, would you be surprised to learn that bad breath could actually indicate a more serious problem? However, have you ever wondered if mouthwashes or chewing gums could help you improve your breath?

However, please remember that these options won’t offer the same benefits as brushing. Generally, chewing gum and using breath mints might temporarily freshen your breath, but have you heard that chewing gum might actually carry bacteria and plaque away from your teeth? These bacteria can actually cause gum disease. Keep in mind that sugar-free gum is much easier to find than sugar-free mints. Sadly, sugar can actually feed bacteria, which can cause bad breath.

Naturally, there are several things that can help you address your bad breath. This is extremely important because mints and gum only cover your bad breath. If you have bad breath consistently, it is recommended that you visit our team as soon as you possibly can. Still, brushing and flossing are vital if you’re interested in keeping your breath fresh.

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