Your dental cleaning and prevention plan includes taking dental X-rays of your teeth. At Lakeland Dental Care, our dentists and team use the latest dental X-ray technology: digital radiography, which is also known as digital X-rays. Using an electronic sensor, the digital X-ray machine will capture and store digital images of your teeth.

How do I know I need a digital X-ray?

Whether, and how frequently, you need digital X-rays will be based on a dental exam, your dental and medical history, any symptoms or signs that you may be experiencing, your age and your risk for disease. You should have a full X-ray of your top and bottom teeth taken periodically as part of a comprehensive examination. Subsequently, additional dental X-rays may be necessary if any unexpected dental problems arise. Our dentists and team recommend that you visit our office at least once every six months for a routine exam. If you are experiencing any difficulties or pain with your teeth, mouth, or jaw, we highly recommend that you arrange an appointment with Dr. Alex Abernathy and Dr. Bob House immediately.

If you would like any more information about the benefits of a digital X-ray in Jackson, Mississippi, we invite you to contact us at 601-981-8166 or visit our office today. At Lakeland Dental Care, we are devoted to offering you and your family the high-quality dental care you deserve.