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Choosing to restore your smile is a big decision that can be confusing when it comes to finding the best way to achieve it. There are many ways to restore a lost tooth, and dental bridges is a common and popular choice. Dental bridges are common successful at restoring one or more lost teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Alex S. Abernathy with Lakeland Dental Care in Jackson, Mississippi, offers dental bridges as a way to restore a lost tooth.

To help you learn more about dental bridges our dental team has provided you with this information on how they can benefit you:

– To help improve the look of your smile, always make sure all lost and missing teeth are replaced.

– Dental bridges can help correct impairments associated with your ability to eat and chew food properly.

– To help restore your smile, dental bridges can be inserted to help with issues including speech.

– Are you struggling with bite stability? If you have missing teeth, it can cause problems with your bite forces. Reverse this effect with dental bridges.

– Often with missing teeth, you are susceptible to tooth slippage. This occurs when your remaining teeth drift out of position. Prevent this with dental bridges.

– Dental bridges can improve your oral health by filling in the gaps that can become havens for plaque build-up.

If this information sounds like it can benefit you, then please call us today at 601-981-8166 to make an appointment. Our team is happy to give you an evaluation to see if dental bridges can restore your smile to improve your oral health. So, call us today and let us help give you a smile you wish for.