A Dental Implant Can Restore the Presence of an Extracted tooth

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Having a tooth extracted to remediate untreated tooth decay, a dental avulsion or other oral trauma can leave you with a significantly compromised mouth. Even if you adapt to a decreased ability to chew, the missing tooth can affect your appearance or alter the clarity of your speech. In time, alignment and other orthodontic issues could afflict the neighboring teeth as they gradually respond to the void.

Dental implants are one of the most effective dental restorations that Dr. Alex Abernathy recommends at their clinic.

There are a few distinct steps to this type of dental restoration. It starts with Dr. Alex Abernathy examining and taking X-rays of the area. If the tooth loss also compromised the integrity of the underlying bone, they might recommend a bone graft. This will ensure that there is enough structure to firmly anchor the dental implant.

When it’s time to install the dental implant, Dr. Alex Abernathy will make a careful incision in your gums. A narrow channel will then be made in your jawbone. A titanium implant will be screwed into the channel in the bone and your gums will be sutured closed.

One of the special properties of titanium is its ability to fuse with living bone tissue. In time, this will give your dental implant the same strength and feel as the original tooth.

The final stage of the dental restoration is to fit the titanium abutment for a dental crown made from porcelain, gold, or an alloy of base metals. Once completed, the fully restored tooth should last you for many years to come.

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