Tooth Trivia Quiz

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Can you tell whether these facts about human teeth are “tooth” or “false”? Take the quiz and see how well you know your dental trivia.

Q1: The average person has 32 teeth.

Q2: Your teeth start to form before you are even born.

Q3: Most people would rather brush their teeth than go grocery shopping.

Q4: Only 2/3 of a tooth is visible above the gums.

Q5: If your tooth gets knocked out, you should put it in water to preserve it.

Q6: Diet soda is much better for your teeth.

Q7: There are over 1000 types of bacteria in dental plaque.

(Answers are below)

So how did you do? It is important to be educated about our teeth since they are such an important part of our life. Dr. Alex Abernathy works to make sure that patients are given exceptional service as well as properly educated in order to keep your smiles looking great for life. If you would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Jackson, MS, we encourage you to call 601-981-8166 or visit Lakeland Dental Care.



Answers: 1)T 2)T 3)F 4)T 5)F 6)F 7)F